Rapsody with Record Edited

Raspy Rapsody (born Regina Baker) in Alabama, is a lover of music. She has been engulfed in music since she can remember. She learned how to get into the groove fast playing drums at age 4, violin at 8, clarinet at 11, saxophone at 16, & a little piano in the midst of all of that! Her skills were cultivated in a gospel, classical and urban environment therefore her genre pallet is full of diversity. She now resides in Northwest Florida making her mark in Panama City and Tallahassee, FL.

Years later after being involved in music production, engineering for artists (including herself), forensics, recording, writing and producing jingles for commercials. She is putting a dent in this music thing. Whether it’s producing, engineering, writing, singing or rapping, she does it.

Raspy Rapz has shared the stage with names like Cody Chesnutt, Royce Lovett, Jamal STEELE, The Boom Baps & many other local artist from the Northwest Florida scene. Raspy now holds the #1 spot for R&B/Soul/Southern Rap/Hip-Hop on Reverbnation in Panama City, Florida. In 2011 Raspy made the cover of Panama City’s own Hoodz Hottest Magazine and also models for Devinya’s Hot Hair magazine. Raspy is also the face for Devinya’s Signature Beauty Collection’s liquid shine.

Raspy does a little bit of everything including playing the cajon (a world drum shaped like a rectangular box) on her acoustic sets while singing/rapping and being a full-time mother to two boys. Her main focus is to make good music to listen to, “I just want the WORLD to hear me & inspire some one to go after their dreams, she says.”


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