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I enjoy being a mother soo much. Although I have only boys, I can still instill some of the same properties my mother instilled in me. Today, I will focus on being independent.

Being Independent, Loving, Caring & Creative. Image

  1.  How to teach a child to be independent:Being independent is innate for all of us. Once we become of age we want to leave the nest & explore. Being a single mother for 6 years I’ve had to learn how to give this to my boys & continue to nurture at the same time. My oldest is 6 and he’s been trained to pick up after himself since I can remember. They don’t usually get the idea until years after but it will be inside of them for later use. For me, I don’t believe in Patriarchy so it’s important for me to raise men who don’t think that way. If we want our young men to look for a partner who will compliment them (not complete them) we have to teach them to cook, clean & care for themselves. Survival skills are needed if we spend the rest of our lives single or married.Organically,

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