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Follow your lane & what works for you, we are all different.


Happy 2013 & Organic Things

Happy New Year to my Homies, Lovers & Friends!!! Organic Cookie anyone?!? ♥ Ms. Southern Hospitality!

Happy New Year to my Homies, Lovers & Friends!!! Organic Cookie anyone?!? ♥ Ms. Southern Hospitality!

I don’t have much to say about coming into this new year other than, it’s going to be busy! I spent the night chilling with some of my closest friends. Realizing that we all have our flaws and continue to grow every day. Some days we’re growing apart some days we become closer. In building relationships it takes trial & error like finding the right shirt for your shape. I’m happy I spent it with the most authentic people I know. I hope our relationships continue to grow.

Being a Mother


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I enjoy being a mother soo much. Although I have only boys, I can still instill some of the same properties my mother instilled in me. Today, I will focus on being independent.

Being Independent, Loving, Caring & Creative. Image

  1.  How to teach a child to be independent:Being independent is innate for all of us. Once we become of age we want to leave the nest & explore. Being a single mother for 6 years I’ve had to learn how to give this to my boys & continue to nurture at the same time. My oldest is 6 and he’s been trained to pick up after himself since I can remember. They don’t usually get the idea until years after but it will be inside of them for later use. For me, I don’t believe in Patriarchy so it’s important for me to raise men who don’t think that way. If we want our young men to look for a partner who will compliment them (not complete them) we have to teach them to cook, clean & care for themselves. Survival skills are needed if we spend the rest of our lives single or married.Organically,

    Ms. Southern Hospitality

Taking this Path Created for Me


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Rapsody In The Zone Edited II

Hi, I’m Raspy Rapz. I’m a southern woman who is in love with giving hospitality to every soul I encounter. Whether it’s cooking, creating laughter or giving wisdom to a friend in need, I love it! This is my 1st post on my new blog and I’m nervous as CRAP about what to do or say so, I’ll just do and be me.

Welcome to the world of a organic southern woman, I hope you enjoy.